Me, MomSelf and I

Life's journey is full of twists and turns and sometimes we get lost. This is my journey to rediscover myself.

About Me, MomSelf and I

I am a working mother of 3, dedicated wife, loving daughter, loyal friend, sister and lost self, striving to be better and do better for those I love and the world in which I live.  By day, I am a nonprofit professional.  In my spare time (yeah, right,) and when I’m not totally overwhelmed, I am a writer, yogi, and licensed massage therapist.

This blog was necessary because since becoming a wife and mother, I have absorbed myself in taking care of others and strayed from nurturing the essence that is me.  This is my journey to “blog it out” in order to get reacquainted and balance all the selves that make up Me, my Momself and I.


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